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An author of some repute in other fields, such as
Plumbing, Ballet, and the never to be remembered
classic, Driving to Australia, (the cheerful story of
a girl and a flooded engine,)
Cathy is, nonetheless, shy about her many
accomplishments, preferring to stay in the background
and let others take credit where they may. She is
owned by a cat, named Roadblock and enslaved to a 1987
Mercury Grand Marquis, which is a whole nother fettle
of kish, entirely!
After a failed attempt at a career as a Hooters
waitress, and a brief though abortive stint as a
windsurfing instructor, Cathy turned to writing as a
way to soothe her bruised ego, and, with a blinding
typing speed of 45 mistakes per minute, has been
tearing up the field of TG Fiction like a turtle on
Her Turn-ons include, chocolate and pretzels,
ANYTHING lacy, and Dwarf floats. (To make a Dwarf
float, one needs a large glass, ice cream, soda and
one dwarf. Don't ask, you DON'T wanna know!)
Turn-offs include, fakers, posers, and ANYONE named
Her favorite color is red and her lucky number is 7.
(Go figure!)
Cathy has several favorite philosophies. " Never run
when one can walk, and never walk when one can ride,"
is one. "Prepare for the worst, hope for the best,
and settle for anything in between", is another.
Cathy also does not drink, knowing that there are a
lot of VERY large people in this world, and believing
that it is VERY important to know what one is saying
to them.



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