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There I was next to my mother the vine with my brothers and sisters. A lovely creature tended the garden where I was born. She was simply known as Piper. I was a type of cucumber commonly known as a pickle. One day she very carefully picked me off my mother, and lay me on the kitchen counter. I thought I was salad for sure. But I just stayed there in the Sun. I dried out and became very hard. Then Piper hollowed me out, put holes in me. Then one day she put her lips on me gently blew air into me. Then the most beautiful thing happened a wonderful sound emanated from me. This pretty creature had turned me into a piccolo.

The combination of her lips and music seemed to do something to me. Where before I just existed, I became aware. As she played me I could start to feel for the first time. She was giving me a soul.

Everytime she played me the birds stopped there singing and listened to us. The more she played me the more I became alive and most important of all the more love I felt.

Then one day a friend of Pipers from New Zealand showed up. Her name was Prue. Piper offered to play me for her. Prue’s eyes filled with eager anticipation. Piper started to play. Prue was enthralled by the music. When Piper paused, Prue said may I. Piper handed me to her. With her touch I felt the most gentle magical soul I ever felt. Then all of a sudden music started to come forth out of me without Piper playing me. I started to grow, arms, legs, hands, formed. A head, torso with a funny sound in it. Thump, thump, thump it scared me. The music continued. Prue and Piper just stood there listening to the music and witnessing my transformation. Suddenly my transformation stopped and I looked like a man only green. With my newly formed mouth I looked at my musical mistress and said the words "pretty".

On that day I was truly born. Given life by Pretty Piper and Prue.

I am still a plant by nature. But instead needing the warmth of the Sun. I need the glow I get surrounded by all the magical souls that work at Hugglebugs. I am the Luckiest Pickle ever.

Warmth and Love






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