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HuggleBugs, Ltd. is the creation of fourteen writers who wanted to create a science fiction based story universe.  From an initial concept by Prue Walker, it has grown into a full-fledged technology-based universe.  Stories already published and in the works range from light romance to heavy SF, with everything in between.

We welcome anyone with a desire to write in the HB universe to go right ahead.  The rules here are designed to set up a common framework without unduly limiting anyone's creativity.  Have fun!

- Kim

Suggestions for clarifications, revisions, and additions will be gratefully received. Please send them to [email protected]



1) HuggleBugs are the nickname (taken from the company name) for a revolutionary development in technology.  The HuggleBugs are nanites, microscopic machines that are networked, self-reproducing body modification tools.  They could, in theory, be programmed for many different functions, but the only ones being currently marketed are designed to modify a person's physical appearance to match a pre-selected physiotype.  This may affect a person's apparent age, weight, height, race, gender, or any other visible physical attribute.

2) HuggleBugs make physical changes only.  No memories, skills, or personality traits are either added to or subtracted from the person undergoing modification.  The only mental changes which may occur are changes in brain chemistry caused by the revised physiology.

3) HuggleBugs could potentially be administered in a number of different methods, but the only two delivery methods being currently marketed is through topical application or aerosol spray.  With topical application, upon application to the skin, the nanites (suspended in distilled water) are activated and enter the body through pores, thence making their way throughout the body to begin their functioning.  Mucous membranes are particularly effective sites for application.  Alternately, the HuggleBugs suspension may be applied through use of a spray, either in a pump bottle or pressurized can.  Use of the pressurized can, however, could result in the unintentional application of the nanites to a third party.  The use of a topical application as a transport mechanism was felt by the management of HuggleBugs, LTD to be the safest and most error-free possibility, as well as the most cost-effective.

4)As designed, there are two varieties of HuggleBugs.  The first alters the body to match a pre-determined physiotype.  The second alters the form to match whatever clothing is worn by the user.  This second variety is much more expensive, due to the greater programming complexity of the nanites used.  Users are STRONGLY discouraged from mixing use of the two nanites, lest unintended transformation effects manifest.

5)Within each family of nanites, there are two varieties. The first is intended for temporary use. If the physical change is intended to be temporary, It is incumbent on the person changed (herein referred as the changeling)to follow the instructions from the company precisely. If the changelings transformation becomes permanent due to non-adherence to the instructions, the company will not be held liable.  In plain English, read the instructions carefully and follow them exactly, or Bad Things May Happen.

6)The temporary variety of HuggleBugs will last between two and three days, depending on the metabolism of the person changed and the amount of 'stress' the change places on their nanites.  A smaller change will tend to allow the nanites to function longer, a radical change will shorten their life-span.  The programmed end to the change is deliberate, to prevent any 'runaway' changes.  All temporary nanites are set to expire 60 hours after activation, but this is variable by plus or minus twelve hours, except in extraordinary circumstances.  For an additional cost, the company will provide temporary nanites with longer lifespans, to be determined by the user.  Under no circumstances will temporary nanites be sold with lifespans exceeding ten days, due to safety concerns which the company has not publicized.

7) At times circumstances may dictate the need for an immediate reversion to the original form.  This is achieved by use of a second application of HuggleBugs, programmed to 'kill' the original set of nanites, thus allowing the reversion to proceed unimpeded.  Use of the 'reversal' nanites causes an almost immediate reversion to the original form.  However, their use is officially discourages except in emergency situations, as there is a small but finite chance of an unfortunate interaction with the original nanites.

8) The other variety of HuggleBugs is designed to cause a permanent transformation.  The nanites perform their function, and then leave a genetic marker that blocks any future nanites from affecting the individual.  These nanites 'self-destruct' following their programmed function, leaving no trace of their presence, aside from the genetic marker.

9) Permanent HuggleBugs cost substantially more than the temporary variety, mainly caused by the fact that repeat business is impossible.  The company will NOT admit this publicly, however.

10) Use of nanites for a second form while the first is in use is STRONGLY discouraged.  Results may be unpredictable.  While the company is unable to assume responsibility for unintended effects, they will assist those so affected to the best of their ability, so long as such assistance will not adversely impact the company's profitability.

11) Overuse of the nanites is likewise discouraged.  Use of more than one treatment in any 96-hour period may cause genetic damage, which could result in severe side effects, up to and including death.

12) Of course, in the course of stories, mistakes do occur, both in the programming of the nanites (extremely infrequently) and in their application (somewhat more often).

13) The listed products are the only HuggleBugs nanites currently on the market, although the company is testing additional products that will reach market in the indefinite future.  Tests may be shown in stories, but no new product releases should be established without the consent of the HuggleBugs partners.

14)HuggleBugs, LTD should never be shown to be villainous.  The company is not as good at quality control as it wishes to believe, and is more-than-healthily cost-conscious, but they are NOT causing malicious or nonconsensual changes.

15)By the same token, the company does not use fraud or coercion to transform any person or persons.  All the warnings and caveats are contained in the fine print of the HuggleBugs TOS, hard to read, perhaps, but present for those who care to read.

16)Only human transformations are allowed.  No inter-species transformations are to be done, nor any transformations to or from inanimate objects.  HB nanites will likewise not affect the deceased.

17) Attempted non-human transformations will fail.  The company will not supply any nanites for this purpose, and any attempts to accomplish this will go outside the programmed parameters of the nanites and be rejected.

18) Reversion is accomplished as follows.  Before beginning a transformation, special nanites contained within the mix take a sample of the user's DNA, and store the data.  This is passed on to the other nanites prior to reversion.  Although problems in this area have not been reported as yet, it is theoretically possible for errors to occur.  For instance, sampling could fail to initiate until the transfomation is already underway.  Also, persons who have had transplants might be at risk, if samples from the transplanted organ(s) are used.  This is an open field for creativity, just remember that errors in reversion are rare.

19) In a male-to-female transformation, unless specifically requested in the order, menses begin approximately 20 days following transformation.  It has been noted that a fairly high percentage of orders do request an emediate onset.  Immediate onset serves to give the hormone levels a 'kick-start', which may be desired by some users.

20) Pregnancy may occur to a transformed person.  In that event, any reversions or effects of other nanites are blocked until 72 hours following the end of pregnancy.  This is to protect the life and health of both mother and baby.  Self-insemination is not possible, blocked by a programmed limitation in the nanites.


1) HuggleBugs stories may be written by any person who so desires, provided that these rules are adhered to.

2) All HuggleBugs stories may be submitted by the author to any site which does not require payment in exchange for access to the story.  If payment is required, then the story may not be posted.

3)All HuggleBugs stories must be submitted to [email protected] for posting on the HuggleBugs site.

4)HuggleBugs, Ltd. Reserves the right to enforce compliance to the rules as set forth above.  This is not intended as a restrictive measure, but we wish to avoid the kind of problems that led to the premature demise of the 'Bikini Beach' story universe.

5) HuggleBugs stories remain the property of their author.  The HuggleBugs Characters, technology, and all descriptions thereof are and remain property of HuggleBugs, Ltd.  License is granted to authors to use these characters and technologies in their writings, in exchange for unlimited distribution rights to such stories and articles, granted to HuggleBugs, Ltd.

6) All posted HuggleBugs stories must contain a link to the site HTTP://


(This history is being provided as an aid to the background of the HB product.  Prior periods in the HBO development are not open for story submissions.)

     Prior to 1995, Prue Walker was performing the initial experiments on sheep and cattle.   The purpose of these experiments were to increase the herd's production by raising all animals in a herd to 'champion' levels of physical development.

     Using a solely DNA-based approach, there was some promise of success, but no immediate breakthrough.

     Then on a fateful day in 1995, a freak accident caused the complete, irreversible transformation of a friend and assistant who from then on took the name of Rose.

     Following this fateful accident, the emphasis shifted from a purely DNA-based transformation (irreversible)  to a highly controllable and reversible transformation.

      Enter Kim, as Nanite designer and, eventually, General Manager.  After preliminary tests of her designs, Piper was brought in as Chief Programmer.

     Then, in early 2000, HuggleBugs, LTD was formed.  The corporate partners were brought in, and the HuggleBugs (tm) nanites are now available to the world.


(The HuggleBugs partners may be references in stories, in the roles outlined here.  Please refrain from using last names.)


Chief Financial Officer

Managing Director  (and Nanite Designer)

Marketing and Sales Director

Personnel Officer

UK Marketing and Sales Manager

Corporate Legal Officer

Vice President (Eastern Hemisphere); Director of Corporate Communications

Executive Secretary to the President

Vice President (Western Hemisphere); Chief Nanite Programmer

Shipping and Receiving Officer

Production Supervisor and Facilities Manager

Quality Assurance Supervisor

Receptionist Extrordinaire




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